Shalom u’vracha, I work for an amuta that for some 30 years was run by two people who could not be chavrei va’ad as they received salaries from the amuta but were the murshei chatima and for all practical purposes ran the amuta including hiring and dismissing people from employment.

These two people have now left the amuta (the chavrei vaad have also been replaced with others). There are now new chavrei va’ad and new murshei chatima (the new murshei chatima being in the same position as the previous ones; e.g. the control of the amuta is totally theirs). Is this considered a change of ownership entitling me to pitzuyim from the previous murshei chatima?

I ask as they say no and the new murshei chatima say they will not accept upon themselves the responsibility for the past pitzuyim that I am entitled to upon retirement (money was not set aside).
Kol Toov,
Dovid Stein


The halachos of pitzuim are all based on minhag hamedeno since according to pure Choshen Mishpot one does not have to pay them at all. In general the minhag is based on the law-unless the law is not followed by people in general.

I am fairly certain that this does not constitute a change of ownership since it is like a change of directors of the company and not a change of ownership-you can ask your lawyer as well. Therefore I think you are not entitled to pitzuim today but still are entitled in the future for rights earned for the years you worked under the previous chavrei hoamuta

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