If a window is broken and can’t be fixed
Can you board it up with wood
That window is in an un finished basement but part of my house


The source for not plugging up a window or doorway is from R’ Yehuda Hachasid (23), but it only applies if the window is going to be plugged up permanently, meaning forever. If you are going to fix over your basement and eventually you will put in a window over there, it wouldn’t be a problem to board it up. Similarly if you don’t take the frame of the window off, and just put the wod over the whole window it is no problem.

If however the window is going to stay this way permanently, then you should make a small hole in the board. You can put a piece of tape or plug up the hole with something that can be removed, and then it is still considered a temporary plug of the hole and permitted.


Shmias Haguf V’hanefesh 219-2,4, in the name of Shivm Temarim- 20, Horav Y. Cahen shlit”a.

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  1. Thank you for the answer it was a very calming and insured answer

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