In effort considered with your clarification, I had considered America a deist nation because of separation of church and state. Is an agency like the CIA an outlet by which hard influence still has church origins? Knowing torture has been employed is realizing such may inspire. Still, the Mossad presumably uses torture.

Even our founding fathers were much noted deists. Jefferson rewrote the christian bible to make other light the deity. If I am correct, Gershom Seixas among others heavily influenced revolution and offered even much jewish financial support.

It would seem there be an error to use a christian new testament book for an American motto. Still I will be curious.




It is clear that the United States is a religious country, as all dollar bills state clearly, “ In God we Trust”, (unfortunately unlike the State of Israel that its founding fathers did not want to have any mention of H-shem on tier bills). There is an American holiday called Thanksgiving, and the president is sworn in on a bible. However on the other hand when it comes to the actual day to day running of the country, for whatever reason they decided to separate the two ideas.

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