A book of all religions in the world with pictures as well, does it need to be burned, torn up or can it be sold? It has a section on Judaism and sections on all religions. including the famous ones and the not so famous ones.
I didn’t bring it in my house. It is in my car. If it needs to be discarded can it wait until tomorrow?


From what you are describing, it sounds like it contains a lot of information of heresy (minus), which has to be gotten rid of. You can burn it or throw it into the garbage, making sure that no one will read it. Selling it can be problematic, first of all because you should not be keeping it in your possession at all, as it says, “al tishkon b’oholecha avla”. Secondly, it is controversial if you are even allowed to sell it to a gentile, because according to the Rambam a gentile should also not read such books. See Ramabm Avoda Zara 2-2 and Minchas Chinuch 213-1.

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