If someone gave me money to hold for him, and I borrowed it temporarily without his permission…. and then he showed up wanting it right away & I did not have it available to give him… can he ask for money damages? (damages for lost profit he could have made with the money I was holding for him) due to the fact that he lost out on a business deal that would have made him profit ?’


Answer from Horav Y. Fleishman shlit”a

It is complex but you may have to give him the profits you earned-even in beis din. Look at the Ramo in siman 292 seif 7 and the Shach who brings a Maharshal who argues and there is a Pischei Teshuvo there. In denei shmayim there is a very good chance you are chayav-but for both these questions-it needs a hearing of both sides or look at these sources and see where your case fits



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