Regarding a baby bottle that was heated up in a metal cup. If I used the fleishig sink for this (and the hot water from that sink), and the metal cup was hot from the water and was touching meat (which was in the sink) on the outside at the same time the bottle was inside the cup in the hot water, does the bottle or its contents have any issue – meaning, does it become fleishigs etc. (the bottle was probably also touching the cup itself and wasn’t just floating in the water. And possibly the cover of the bottle was sticking out and touching the sink itself).


The water in the sink is a kli sheini, and only absorbs a minimal amount, which is not enough to go through the cup into the water and then through the outside of the bottle.


Taz Y:D 95-12, Pri Megadim Ibid M:Z 12.

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2 Responses to “Baby bottle in fleishig sink”

  1. The answer doesn’t seem to relate to the detail mentioned in the question that the cup was actually touching meat which was present in the sink. Would that detail not be significant?

    • No, because the meat was question ws not regarding the cup, but the bottle inside the cup, which ws not touching the meat, and was in a kli sheini.

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