Question: i was in shul this past shabbos and the rov mentioned that the zohar says that during the week of hod in sefira,”taarin psichin.” i am going through a… Read more »


Adar-Time of Joy

Shalom.Hope you are well .I appreciate all of your comments and encouragements on my Parsha review. I am offering all of you the opportunity to share in the mitzvah to honor a loved one by sponsoring my weekly parsha review, or for refua shelema (healing), or for shiduch, Atzlacha (success), etc. My weekly review goes out to over 5000 people in English and Spanish all over the world. Please contact me for more details.

This week is dedicated Le Iluy nishmat Eliahu ben Simcha,Perla bat Simcha,Yitzchak be Perla, Gil ben Abraham.For Zivug agun toMarielle Gabriela bat Gila.Refua Shelema of Gila bat Tzipora, Tzipora bat Gila,Dvir ben Leah, Abraham Meir ben Leah and Ruchama Noa bat Batsheva Devorah and all the Jews injured in the last terrorist attacks, and may we see an end speedly to the difficult times that Klal Israel is in at the moment. If you wish to read this article or previous essays please visit my blog at * Feel free to forward these words of Torah to any other fellow Jew. Enjoy and Shabbat Shalom


Biblical Question

Why is Yosef not listed in the land ? Answer: Which list are For when strong out – you… Wet what on the best write my essay that antiperspirants… Read more »


Gay Marriage

What does the Torah say about gay marriage? Answer: The Torah expressly forbids gay marriage See Leviticus 18:22. The only intimate relationship allowed in the Torah is between man and… Read more »


Code of Jewish Law

I have a book titled “Code of Jewish Law” Revised Edition, 1961, Hebrew Publishing Company, New York. Is there a current edition or current substitute available and, if there is,… Read more »


Misbehaving person

A person from a certain unnamed organization is harassing my brother and his wife regarding their tenancy in a building that organization owns and which the person administrates. This Rabbi… Read more »



I have a question about the Sabbath, a friend of mine works in medicine, and I wondered whether I have problem of working on the Sabbath days or every day?… Read more »


clarification needed

with regard to the period after shmitta what is yeru and bbrak be nochri? shabbat shalom   Answer: The question is unclear, please clarify and resend.


parshas Vayeira – “Give Me a Break!” – Parameters of Midas Sedom

This week’s Parashah includes the terrible description of how Sodom was destroyed. The verses do not tell us much
about the deeds of Sodom’s inhabitants, yet Chazal reveal their underlying attitude: “What is mine, is mine, and what is
yours, is yours.” We dedicate this week’s article to the discussion of midas sedom, the character trait of Sodom, in both
a moral and halachic sense. What is midas sedom, and why does it constitute such a grave character flaw? What
halachic ramifications does this trait have? Does beis din enforce ethical behavior, or not? And how does this impact
our everyday lives?

Bible Question

Anyone can ask any question concerning the laws of the Torah? Genesis 9:4 But, flesh with its soul, its blood, you shall not eat. (The prohibition of consuming the flesh… Read more »


Checking Apples

Shavoua tov Rav, Subjets: Checking foods / Guerout in the U.S.A 1 – Checking foods – Apples At the bottom of the apple appears sometimes a kind of a white… Read more »


Agent’s Fee

I work as a property rental agent . Meaning I find qualified tenants for different landlords and sign a 12 months lease with them. Should they not pay 6 months… Read more »


Laws of Zimun: Who Joins and Who Leads?

In this week’s article we turn our attention to questions of “who joins?” and “who leads?” the zimun ceremony. Who should be the one chosen to perform the ceremony? Who is considered the ba’al ha-bayis, and what rights does he have in selecting the mezamen? Can women and children form part of a zimun group, and what is the halachah of women eating on their own? These questions, and more, are elucidated in this week’s article.

The Curse of Adam

Midrash Tanchuma (Bereshis 1:11) says: אר”ש בן יהוצדק למודין היו שבשעה שא”ל הקדוש ברוך הוא לאדם ארורה האדמה בעבורך בעצבון תאכלנה כל ימי חייך אמר אדם רבש”ע עד מתי, א”ל… Read more »


Torah Reading

We must read Torah twice on Shabat. Maybe Talmud has debate what is “Shabat” here? Because there is Minhag Erets-Yisrael to read Torah twice in 7 years, “Shmitah”-reading, when 7… Read more »


Regretting Mitzvos

hi Rabbi, I hope only beracha for you. I have an interesting question regarding regret of a misva as mentioned by the Rambam Z”L in hilchot teshuva, perek 3. For… Read more »