Checking Mezuzos

  The beginning of the rainy season—please G-d it should be so—gives us an opportunity to discuss the laws of mezuzah, and specifically the laws of checking one’s mezuzos. The… Read more »


Loving the Convert

  In Parashas Eikev the verse instructs us to “love the ger” (Devarim 10:19). This is understood as reference to the convert to Judaism: Beyond the general instruction to love… Read more »


Parashas Noach – Foreign Languages in Prayer

This week’s article discusses the issue of using different languages for purposes of Keriyas Shema and for prayer in general. When can English, or other languages, be used? Is it preferable to use Hebrew without understanding, or a different language that one understands? Can foreign languages be used even in places where they are not the spoken tongue? These, and other questions, are discussed in this week’s article.

Time for Shnayim Mikra Ve-Echad Targum

This week’s article deals with the issue of when to read shnayim mikra ve-echad targum. From when can this weekly mitzvah be performed, and when is the last time for reading shnayim mikra? Are there special halachos concerning the reading of Vezos Haberachah and Bereishis? What are the laws concerning reading at night? These questions, and more, are discussed in this week’s article.