Mezuzah for Garage

Shalom, Does a garage door require a mezuzah? Does a detached garage require a mezuzah (at least on the entryway if not for the garage door)? Thank you. Answer: Yes,… Read more »


Velcro for Mezuzah

Can I use Velcro for attaching mezuzot? Answer: Yes, this is fine, though it is better to use nails or strong double-sided tape. Velcro seems to be better than scotch… Read more »


Saying Christmas

Is it permitted to say the word “christmas”? Answer: This is permitted. Although it is not permitted to say the name of idols and gods, in this case the reference… Read more »


Taz in Writing Mezuzos

I read there are three versions of Mezuzah writing stumah and ptuchah between parshiyot: Rambam, Rosh, TaZ. Do Ashkenazim accept an opinion of TaZ (David ha-Levi Segal)? Answer: Yes, the… Read more »


St. Mary’s

1.Can you refer to a school saint Mary’s by that name ie in terms of mentioning the avodah zorah or for eg the place Saint Louis 2. I asked the… Read more »


Selling Inscribed Pen

I am a Jew and I sells on amazon, am I allowed to sell this item? Answer: Yes, this is permitted. Whether Christianity is considered idolatry or not depends… Read more »


Sun Costume

A nursery was putting on a play and the children are dressed up as the sun, moon, and stars. Is making childrens costumes (3 dimensional items) made to look like… Read more »