Tefillin bag

Question: A rabbi is putting tefillin on a non-religious Jew. The rabbi gives this Jew his yarmulke to wear. Is it permissible for the rabbi to cover his (the rabbi’s)… Read more »


Tefillin Dakos

I heard that as if R’Elyashib said that only Tefillin-Dakkot are correspond to Minhag-Avot not Tefillin-Gasot. Is it true? Answer: I have never heard of this. Sounds a little odd,… Read more »


Chabad Tefillin

Rav Shach made a public statement about Chabad followers calling their Rebbe the Mashiah. Rav Shach said on Youtube that one may not trust their shchita or send children to… Read more »


Ktav Ari for Tefillin

BS”D I’m ashkinazi and try to follow chasidishe practices and customs (I’m a baal teshuva). I was recently told that my Tefillin parshios are written in ksav beis yosef and… Read more »