Washing Tallis

Can a Tallis Gadol be washed in a washing machine? Can it be ironed afterwards? Answer: It can be, but many prefer to use dry cleaning because of the concern… Read more »


Tzitzis Knots In

I heard that if one who wears his tzitzis out of his pants, should not wear the knots outside of his pants only the strings themselves. Is there any truth… Read more »


Wearing Tzitzis Out

Two very common differences between many in the yeshiva world and others is (1) wearing tzitzis out and (2) growing peyos behind their ears. Are these two things obligatory or… Read more »


Tzitzis on Shorts

Theoretically, if a pair of shorts is mostly open on both sides (so that it has four clearly defined corners), is it possible to attach tzitziot to such a garment… Read more »


Tzitzit that Tore

My tzitzit got caught on the door handle as I left a room. I heard some sort of snap but couldn’t see what was wrong, until after examining the tzitzit… Read more »