Ner Chanukah

Do the words “Ner”, “Menorah” mean that Shabbat or Chanuccah candles must be not wax-candles but oil-lamps? Answer: No. A “ner” refers to the “candle,” which in the original sense… Read more »


Chanukah Wicks

What should one do with left over (used) wicks,used hanukah oil, etc after hunukah? Can one put it in a bag and throw it in the garbage? Whats the best… Read more »


Oil and Neros for Chanukah

The Rambam Writes in Hilchos Channukah Perek 4 Halacha 12 אפילו אין לו מה יאכל אלא מן הצדקה שואל או מוכר כסותו ולוקח שמן ונרות ומדליק What is the reason… Read more »