Purim Meshulash

There is a concept called Purim Meshulash, the three day Purim that is in Israel. How does that work? Please send sources. Thank you. Answer: Purim Meshulash occurs when the… Read more »


Water for Mishloach Manot

Can one use Perrier water for Shaloch Manos with one other item? Answer: This is an interesting question. Based on the Gemara (7b), all authorities agree that one can give… Read more »


Joy of Adar

The Gemorah says in Taanis 29a: “משנכנס אדר מרבין בשמחה”. What does this mean exactly? What should one do to “marbin” in Simcha? What’s an example? Answer: The Rambam and… Read more »


Megillas Esther

I heard that if you read Megillah as a historical document you are not yeotzei, but rather you must contemporaneous. Is this true? What is the source of this Halacha?… Read more »


Time of Purim Mitzvos

How drunk should a person get on purim? Does this mitzvah begin on purim night? When is the obligation for matanas evyonim or shaloch manos begin? at night? or day?… Read more »