Flavored Mouth Gaurd

בס’ד I am going to begin taking krav maga lessons at school, and a mouth-guard is required for this. After searching, I came upon a flavored mouth-guard, would this be… Read more »


Edible Gold

Can you please tell me if “edible gold”, extremely fine real gold which is used in some expensive dishes, is kosher? Are there general guidelines in kashrus regarding eating non-life… Read more »


Eating Pearl Powder

Can one eat ground pearl (oysters)powder? Answer: Pearls are a tasteless non food item, eaten for certain health benefits, and are permissible for consumption.



what means yoshon for a pareve food? Answer: Yoshon refers to a grain product which uses grains from before Pesach. By passing over Pesach, the prohibition of Chodosh is permitted,… Read more »