Laser Hair Removal

What’s the halachit views of laser hair removal on a woman’s bidy? Answer: Body hair removal is permissible for a woman, including laser removal.


Gilui Arayos

I’m very confused and would like to know if you can clarify. I understand that eishas ish is the gravest form of gilui arayos. I’m not though exactly clear what… Read more »


Kissing Grandmother

IS IT PERMITTED TO KISS MY GRANDMOTHER? Answer: Yes, it is absolutely permitted according to halachah. A grandmother has the same status as a father and mother, with whom there… Read more »


Guns as Begged Ish

Are toy guns beged ish? Answer: No, they are toys. Moreover, even real guns are not “begged ish.” Although in the past weapons such as a sword might have been… Read more »