Jewish Weddings

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Question: Is there a mekor for the mezinka dance done at weddings ? Answer: I assume you mean the dance with the broom. To the best of my limited knowledge… Read more »


Chasan driving

Question: Is there a problem with a chasan driving the day of his chupa Answer: There is no problem for a choson to drive on the day of his chupah,… Read more »


Veil Under the Cuppah

Thank you so much for answering my questions about couple remarrying each other after divorce – one urgent question remains : should the bride wear a veil under the chupa?… Read more »


Middle Name for Kesuba

Rabbanim, My husband’s English name is “Brett”. He has always believed his Hebrew name is “Baruch”. Recently we came across a Hebrew naming certificate from his Bris that said his… Read more »