Nittel Nacht

How does one celebrate Nittel Nacht? Answer: ‘Nittle nacht’ is not celebrated, but some groups, in particular Hassidim, and those who follow the customs of Chassam Sofer, do not study… Read more »


Magnets on Shabbos

Are magnets muktzah, or may one play with them on shabbos? Answer: It is permitted to play with magnets on Shabbos, and they are not considered muktzah. Sources: There is… Read more »


The Word MET

I have been told by many ‘wannabe theologians’ that the Hebrew word for death (MET) means separation, implying the separation of body and soul, or separation from spiritual communion and… Read more »


Non-Jewish Touch

if a non-Jew handles my tefillin, do they lose any kedushah? Are they still kosher? Answer: Tefillin, or other items of kedushah, do not lose their kedushah by being touched… Read more »


Sheva Berachos for a non-Jew

Is is permissible for a non-Jew (who knows Hebrew and is a good person) to recite one of the Sheva Brachot during Birkat HaMazon at an orthodox wedding? Answer: No,… Read more »


Digital photo frame

Can a digital picture frame, which has a slideshow of pictures, be kept on on Shabbos? Answer: Yes. Leaving the frame running on Shabbos does not involve any melachah, and… Read more »