Kashrus Boards

What are the main differences between rabbanut mehadrin, and, let’s say, Rav Rubin or Bedatz? Answer: The main differences between the different kashrus boards are in the level of supervision… Read more »


Uncovered Water

What are the exact halachos of mayim megulim? How long can the water be uncovered? How large can the opening be for it to become assur? Is it only overnight?… Read more »


Visible Bugs

What is the definition of a bug that is forbidden to eat. Let’s say the one can see a litte dot with the visible eye, but then if one were… Read more »


Simple Faith

Is emunah peshutah a good thing, or should I aspire to understand the reasoning behind mitzvos and minhagim? Answer: The answer to this depends largely on personal disposition. Emunah peshutah is… Read more »


Chopped Spinach

Can one use supermarket frozen chopped spinach? Answer: If the spinach is finely chopped (this is usually the case), it is permitted for consumption. If the leaves are cut but… Read more »


Kashering the Microwave

When kashering my microwave, does it matter if the vessel is milchig or fleishig? What happens to the vessel when the microwave becomes kosher? Answer: Several authorities have written that… Read more »


Not Kosher Medicine

I take a special medicine voluntarily called Creon. It is an enzyme meant to break food down easier in the digestive system. I just found out it is made of pork… Read more »


Mixed swimming for children

Until what ages can girls swim with boys (for non-relatives as well as brothers & sisters)? Answer: The problem associated with “mixed swimming” is the question of immodestly dressed girls… Read more »