Pyrex Pans

About 15 yrs ago we moved to a different country and left our things in storage for around 7 years. Nothing was used. When we finally received our household items,… Read more »


Mexican Fish

We moved recently to Mexico. There is a frozen fish here with a Mexican hechsher. the fish is filleted and has no scales that can be seen. I called the… Read more »


Sister’s Singing

can an adopted girl sing in front of her biological brother…they havent grown up together Answer: The fact that the brother and sister did not grow up together does not… Read more »


Forgiveness by Email

Is Mechila through email or instant message considered a complete mechila? Answer: There is a certain debate among authorities concerning whether mechilah requires an expression of forgiveness, or whether forgiveness… Read more »


Bad music

Where is the gemara that talks about how bad music is and how it is asur to listen to music always? How is that to be undertstood? Obviously everyone nowadays… Read more »


Foaming Soap

What exactly is the halacha regarding using liquid hand soaps on Shabbos and Yom Tov? Also, what about the kind becoming more popular nowawads- foaming hand soap, which foams as… Read more »