Light Right

Question: I light my Shabbos candles with another candle. When I’ve lit the last one, I’m left with a lit candle that I’d like to extinguish, but I remember learning… Read more »


Spousal Bosis

Question: While we were learning hilchos Shabbos last week, my wife had the following question (regarding the point that someone else cannot make one’s possessions into a bosis since the other person… Read more »


Foaming Soap

What exactly is the halacha regarding using liquid hand soaps on Shabbos and Yom Tov? Also, what about the kind becoming more popular nowawads- foaming hand soap, which foams as… Read more »


Jewish partner?

This is a practical question. I’m an options trader and wanted to hire somebody to help me during the yom tovim. This individual tells me that he is catholic. Then,… Read more »


Golf on Shabbos

I know that golfing on Shabbas is not a Shabbas activity, but is there anyway to permit it? How can a frum Jew play in PGA events that are Thursday,… Read more »


Touching Tree on Shabbos

שאלה: האם מותר בשבת לנגוע בעץ תשובה: עץ שכאשר נוגעים בו הוא מתנדנד אסור לגעת בו, אך אם אינו מתנדנד אין איסור לגעת בו. מקורות: שו”ע או”ח סי’ שלו ס”א… Read more »