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Nidda Status After Pap Test

I have made the pap test today, the one that women do every year to check the uterus. Am I nidda?


No, if there was no bleeding you don’t have to worry.

The reason is that the opening is too small to be considered a nidda issue.

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  1. bleeding and ot just staining one day after mikvah night, not sure if had hargasha. saw doctor 2 days later who saw and removed cervical polyp which doctor said was source of bleeding. do we wait 5 and 7 days, or only 7 days or not at all since blood not uterine or is doubt about possible hargasha a problem. thx

    1. The hargasha is not an issue. If there is no doubt that the blood was not from the uterus (it isn’t the right time of the month, and so on), then one may be lenient.

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