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Harav Asher Flegg Shlit”a – Associate Rosh Hakollel

  • Graduate of Hevron yeshiva and musmach leyanus from Machon Harry Fishel and the Israel Chief Rabbinate.

  • Formerly congregational Rabbi of the  Wynberg shul in Capetown SA and a member of the Capetown Beis Din.
  • Headed the diaspora Rabbinical program under the auspices of the Rothschild Foundation-Yad Avi Hayishuv.
  • Served as Rosh Kollel of  the Wolfson Kollel “Tiferes Nes Ziona” in Nes Ziona
  • Was Rosh Kollel of Kollel Choshen Mishpat “Zichron Shlomo Vehayim” in Kiryat Sefer and was member of the Beis Din of Kiryat Sefer.
  • Author of sefer Binas Mishpat on Hoshen Mishpat and served on the editorial staff of the Friedman edition of the Shulchan Aruch on Hoshen Mishpat published by Morasha Lehanhil.
  • Presently associate Rosh Hakollel of the Institute for Dayanim and Dayan on the Nesivos Hayim Beis Din.
Has delivered shiurim on Choshen Mishpat subjects in dozens of cities worldwide on behalf of the kollel.

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