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Shnayim Mikra – to read the whole Sedra first

Dear Distinguished Rabbis, shlitas

I was told by a Rav a heter, but since he’s not a posek, I’m concerned that it may not have been a correct psak, as he did not base it on a precedent, but on common sense.

I told him that Rav Ovadia Yosef paskined that b’shaat hadchak and b’dieved, a [Sefardi] Jew can study shna’yim mikra v’echad targum by reciting the sedra twice in a row and then the targum once. I asked him if I can tell this to an Ashkenazi if I suspect he’ll get too overwhelmed with this chiyuv, thus neglecting it altogether. He told me I indeed can. Was this the correct psak?

[Note: I recently learned how poskim are different from other contemporary rabbis.]


An Ashkenazi too may read the whole Sedra twice and then the Targum (Aruch Hashulchan O.C. 285:7)

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