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Sefarim on Zeh Nehene

I run a program in a non-religious program for mostly very secular kids in the Cape Town Jewish High School, called Herzlia. It’s the Beit Midrash option for Jewish Studies, under the auspices of the Chief Rabbi of South Africa. There are 2 other programs in Johannesburg at schools there. One of the options in the program is Gemorah. We’re currently doing the sugya of Zeh Neheneh vezeh loi choser in Bava Kama, and would like to know whether you have any interesting practical questions and answers that we could round off the sugya with. If you could send us some articles and marei mekomos, we could adapt it for the kids in the program.
Can you help?


There is a Sefer called “Beis Reuven” (Lalosh, vol. 1, his address is Aidelsohn 4/19, Jerusalem. Phone number is  +972-2-586-2785.) The Sefer has numerous questions on the subject of Neheneh.

There is another Sefer on Bava Kama called “Mishpatei Hatorah” (Rabbi Tzvi Shpitz) which is all practical questions and Marei Mekomos including the subject of Zeh Nehene.

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