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Backing out of Business Deal

I contacted a firm that was to negotiate a short sale for me and the deal set was that if the firm cant get me the deal i will not be liable for ANY charges, in the mean time 4 Months have past and the firm has not performed getting any deal for me and i am not happy with there performance at all as they promised many things that never happened etc. and there is no one really in charge. many employees have left and been replaced working on the case and as a result lots of precious time was lost. Now i requested the return f my $3000. deposit the person in charge (the main man that owns the firm and met with me gladly and took the funds now sends me to speak to his employees that were not even employed at the time we engaged in the deal)and disputes returning the funds as he claims he has put in lots of work and is not complete and may still get me a deal, however that was never said in advance that i will not be allowed to back out and also time is of essence as i am in foreclosure with the bank and cant wait for him to waste more time on this when i have a $600,000 house on the line
i have a signed document i can attach what our deal was so you can review and advise me of what my rights are and how to go about
thanks loads

I would need to see the document to answer, but anyway giving an answer to one side is only a recommendation, not anything meaningful in Dinei Torah.
So if both sides are Frum then the best would be to go to Borerus or Beis Din.

Kol Tuv

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