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Golf on Shabbos

I know that golfing on Shabbas is not a Shabbas activity, but is there anyway to permit it? How can a frum Jew play in PGA events that are Thursday, Friday,  Saturday and Sunday? If we play in an eruv, avoid carrying (if still necessary), avoid hitting the grass, is there a permissible way to play and still be a kiddish HaShem?


The appropriate behavior to generate a Kiddush Hashem would be to avoid playing on Shabbos. Take for example the behavior of Naama Shafir and Doron Sheffer. Both are excellent basketball players whose adherence to the spirit and laws of Shabbos proclaimed the unique nature of Shabbos and those who stubbornly follow Hashem’s will.

If you are believe that golfing is not an appropriate Shabbos activity, then you should uphold the sanctity of Shabbos. Such challenges are the kind of things why Hashem puts us here. We need to show Him we care. By accepting to fulfill Shabbos the way you know it should be kept, your “Shabbos experience” in the next world will be more pleasurable than any golfing ever done at any time.

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  1. And how do you know the afterlife shabbos even exists? We know that golf is a relaxing pasting time, is certainly not work and god certainly did jot golf on shabbos so it’s not 1 of the melachas. What goves you the right to stop a person from enjoying his shabbos’s for the rest of his life on the promise (that you cannot prove but only believe in) that if he gives it up he will get more pleasure after he dies. No one knows what happens after we die. No one, yes NO one, don’t kid yourself.. It’s nice to live a yidishke life but if golf makes his shabbos better and his shabbos weekend happier for him and his family than why not?what is the sin and why your promise of a reward that you cannot give?

    1. The reason for avoiding golf on Shabbat is not because of the Afterlife, but because of a desire to keep Torah Law.
      The main problem with golf on Shabbat is the problem of carrying the golf clubs, and of course striking the ball to a distance.
      Best wishes.

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