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Noach’s Wife


Noah is mentioned as a righteous man etc etc. In the Torah is there any mention of his wife and what ‘her’ character may have been? (you only need to respond with a yes or no…i understand you are busy…and I don’t need any other reply…i was just curious because I was reading something else…and the Rabbi was talking about Noach..and then went on to speak about mothers…that they have a ‘strong’ influence upon their child..that they are the ‘first’ to have contact with the child and are home with the child etc etc…So Noach’s sons? What about their mother? I don’t recall reading anything about this woman who certainly must have been great to be willing to go along with the idea of Noach ‘building’ the ark for so long…and then picking up her family/ self to move into the ark with all the ‘animals’ etc)
so why? no mention of Noach’s wife? or did I miss it?
thanks for the attention


The Torah does not refer directly to Noah’s wife by name. She is referred to often as the wife of Noah. Commentaries attempt to decipher from nuances in the text her character. However, most of the information we have regarding Noah’s wife is from the Oral Torah and aggadic literature.

The focus of the Torah is not as a history book written in order to describe the major people and events of world history. There is a specific agenda to the people and events described. Torah is the body of written words Hashem wishes to transmit to humans to guide them through life. With this in mind, many characters, however great, may not be included.

Rashi does offer that Naama mentioned in Bereishis (4:22) was the wife of Noach. The Ramban (4:22) explains that her name describes her pleasant and refined behavior. He explains that she was well known in her time as a righteous woman who raised righteous children. That is why the verse mentions her by name in that verse.

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  1. interestingly, she was a descendant of Kayin. If so this means that the humanity comes from both Shet and Kayin.

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