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Rabbeinu Tam – when can one go to the Mikva; Music in Sefirah

Hi! if we normally keep Rabbeinu Tam for Shabbos etc.. can my wife go IN the mikva 55 min after shkiya (she won’t be home until after 72 minutes after sunset)?

Also, can I make a slide show (before lag ba’omer) that includes music, for my son’s bar mitzva which will be on lag baomer ?



1. If you are Makpid on Rabbeinu Tam also for Derabanan (4 fasts, Ta’anis Esther etc.) then she should not enter before 72 minutes. But if you are mainly Makpid only with things relevant to DeOraisa then she may enter 55 minutes after Shkia. In special circumstances there is room to be lenient even if you are Makpid also for Derabanan, but such cases need to be decided by a Rav.

2. You are permitted to make the slide show before Lag Baomer, as it is not for pleasure and happiness, rather for “work.”

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