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Hetterim from different poskim

Where can i find out about looking for heterim by asking different poskim?
I think is it wrong but i would like to see it in a sefer
thank you


The Mishnah in Pirkei Avos writes, “Asseih lechah Rav'” – make for yourself a Rav. The Commentaries there explain that everyone should choose for himself one Rabbi to whom he turns to for all his Halachic guidance.

Furthermore, it is worth noting that sometimes a Rav will permit one thing and based on the same reasoning forbid something else; so one who uses his leniencies must by the same logic be stringent where that reasoning applies. As Chazal say, one cannot follow the leniencies of Bais Shammai and the leniencies of Bais Hillel, nor the strictures of both (See Eruvin 6b).

See also, Sha”ch (Yoreh De’ah 242), and the introduction to Pri Megadim (Orach Chaim, Hanhagos Issur Vehetter).

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