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Arev of Loan with Interest

I was a orev on a shtar that was written and the interest was written into the loan as part of the principal does this possel the shtar that was written in regard to the arvus that I signed?


Someone who borrows money with interest still owes the money (at least the principle).

Even if the Shtar is Pasul because of the Ribbis, you would still be obliged to the Arvus. The obligation to be a guarantor is due to the fact that the lender gave out his money on your guarantee, so it would oblige you even if no Shtar was written at all.

[see “Mishpat HaArev” פרק ה, סעיף ב ]

It is worth pointing out that it is forbidden to be an Orev on such a loan, but this would not release you from the obligation to guarantee the principle of the loan.

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