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Kashering kitchen after renting to gentiles

I am renting out my apartment to non jews. It is fully equipped. What, if any of the appliances are ‘kashurable’ so that I wont need to replace them. I am assuming that my self clean ovens are not a problem. I am more concerned about my dishwasher, microwaves and electric cooktop. Additionally, can I leave my mezuzot in place? Finally, can I kasher my glassware and silverware afterwards? (I assume the dishes are a lost cause). Thanks


You are correct that the can easily kasher your self-cleaning oven. The microwave is usually kasherable depending upon the material it is made  of, and the electric cooktop is easily kasherable. I recommend that you sell the dishwasher to a gentile when you want to move back in to your apartment.

You should remove all of the mezuzot.

The dishes and glassware should not be kashered but the silverware may be kashered depending on what it looks like.

Some designs, materials and styles are not kasherable. You would need to  show the set to a rabbi. Sending us a photograph might help.

I have not gone into how to kasher some of the kasherable items mentioned as it sounds like you are not just ready for that stage.

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