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Pesach knife mixed in with chometz knives


I found a Pesach knife mixed in with my chometz knives after Pesach. Do I boil it in Pesach pot or chometz pot? The knife doesn’t have neither plastic nor wooden handle.
Thank you.


Before anything, the knife should be cleaned well. It may then be kashered in a pot of boiling water, preferably one that has not been used for chametz. If it is difficult to get a Pesach pot out for this, a chametz pot may be used, but it should not have been used for chametz for 24 hours before the kashering. The pot should be filled with water that is then brought to the boil, and then discarded, and then refilled with water and boiled, which can then be used to kasher the knife. Ideally an electric kettle (hot water machine) should be used, even if it is usually used with chametz, because it usually does not have the status of a chametz pot, and therefore all problems are avoided.

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  1. Can you kasher a treif steak knife in the same way? What kind of pot do I use?

    1. Yes. You can use any pot. Boil water in the pot until it bubbles, add some detergent to the water (to spoil its taste), and then immerse the knife while the water is still boiling.

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