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Sheitel pins on Shabbos

What are the halachos of pins in sheitels and combs left in shaitels going into to shabbos? Can one remove the pins or combs of the shaitel on shabbos or not? After a women wears the shaitel can she put pins back into the shaitel to make sure the shaitel stays on the shaitel stand?


One may remove the pins from the sheitel on Shabbos since it is not a new sheitel [unlike new shirts, which some Poskim forbid removing pins because it can be considered as completing the preparation  of the shirt for first use – and even in such a case, most Poskim permit it].

One may also pin the sheitel to the stand on Shabbos since it does not fix it strongly to the stand [unlike a notice-board fixed to a wall, to which one may not fix things with a pin on Shabbos].

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