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Yichud with two women, one of whom’s husband is in town

I am a home care therapist. I go to homes and do therapy with children. Is there a problem of Yichud where the mother is home and the husband is learning in a nearby kollel, but there is also a cleaning lady at the house while I am there?


Yichud is permitted with a woman in her own home if her husband is in town, and even more so if another woman is present.

Sources: Binas Odom (Shaar Beis Hanashim 17:27); Tzitz Eliezer (vol. 6, 40:10)

וע”ש בבינת אדם שבאשה אחת אף שבעלה בעיר, קצת יש לחוש לדעת רש”י שאוסר

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