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Missed Shacharis deliberately

If a person misses the zeman tefillas shacharis and wants to daven, what should he do? What if it was b’meizid (i.e., he was too lazy to get out of bed, or he wanted to stay with his wife etc..)? Can he daven everything like normal until chatzos? What happens after chatzos? He must daven tashlumin at Mincha? What about Tallis and Tefillin?


If one deliberately waits until the time has passed there are opinions that rule that one may not daven after Sof Zeman Tefillah. Therefore, although the Mishneh Berurah says that we follow those who say that one must still daven, it is advisable to intend that the tefillah is a voluntary tefillah, rather than an obligation.

If one waited until midday, one may not daven Shacharis at all. One must wait until half an hour after midday, then daven Mincha, and then an extra tefillah as a “compensation” for the missed Shacharis. This is only if one missed Shacharis accidentally or one was prevented from davening. However, if one missed Shacharis deliberately, one cannot make it up.

One who has not put on Tallis and Tefillin in the morning should do so in the afternoon.

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  1. the answer did not address which parts of shachris he can say until chatzos

    1. bdieved all parts, and he should stipulate that the shmoneh esrei is voluntary if he may in fact not daven at this time

  2. So as you said one who did not put on tefillin in the morning should put it in the afternoon! So should he say anything in the tefillin?

    1. Yes. He should say kriyas shema in his teffilin.

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