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Berocha on ice cream with cookies inside

What is the beracha on ice cream with pieces of cookie dough inside to enhance the ice cream?


One makes a “Shehakol.”

Anything that contains “mezonos” ingredients usually requires a beracho mezonos,” becuase if it there in order to satiate, or even to give significant taste, it becomes the “ikkar.” In this case, however, it seems that the main purpose of the bits of cookie in the ice cream is just to give a crunchy texture to the ice cream, and therefore they are considered as merely “flavorings” that are added to the food. The main thing is thus the ice cream, and so the beracha is Shehakol.

עי’ משנ”ב ריש סי’ רח בפרט בס”ק ט

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  1. I’m not sure I agree. I think it is subjective what the point of the cookies are for. For many people the taste of the cookie enhances the ice cream and therefore perhaps both berachos should be made. Thank you for your efforts.

    1. If the taste of the cookies contributes to the taste, and not only to the texture of the ice cream, then only the berachah of mezonos should be made on the ice cream. There is no need to make two berachos.

      Thanks you for your comment.

  2. An article was printed in the Yated (I beleive) in the U.S. saying in the name of heintiga poskim that the brocha is mezonos. Personally, although obviously unable to argue on the poskim, I was disturbed by this p’sak. My opinion was along the lines of the Answer given here – I was glad to see this.

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