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Written accounts

Choshen Mishpat 91 mentions the idea of  “the storekeeper and his notebook.” My wife has a business which publishes an annual telephone directory like the publication, “Madreech HaChareidi” in Yerushalayim. She records with the date all charges, payments, phone calls for renewal, etc. by writing directly on the ad of the advertiser in a copy of the book that she designates for this purpose. Although she is not a “storekeeper,” and the book she keeps for recordkeeping purposes perhaps is not the Pinkas discussed by the Mechabair, would this designated record book of hers have the credibility of a Pinkas in the event an advertiser later claiming that he never ordered the ad for which he refuses to pay?


It would seem that your wife’s circumstances would certainly fit in to this category.

See the Shulchan Aruch there, for details about how much credibility such a record book would allow.

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