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Kol Isha For Teachers

If a female teacher teaches male children who have learning problems through singing songs etc, at what age child is there an issue of kol isha? What happens if a non jewish janitor walks into class can the teacher continue to sing the children song or does she need to stop?
thank you


Concerning children, the issue of kol isha begins at nine years old (some maintain that it would begin earlier, but one may rely on this opinion for the purpose of children with learning problems). Provided he isn’t Jewish, there is no need to stop singing when the janitor walks past or into the class.

Sources: See Avnei Yashfei (Vol. 2, no. 5, sec. 6); Rivevos Efraim (Vol. 5, no. 491).

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  1. Kol Isha does not apply to goyishe men?
    if its erva, wouldn’t it also cause a goy to be attracted to the jewish woman and place her in immoral sakana as well?

    1. The “immoral danger” of a woman singing applies to the man that hears her singing, and not to the woman herself. The stringent Torah standards of what is considered “ervah” apply specifically to Jewish men, and not to non-Jewish men, and therefore there is no prohibition for a woman to sing even when she can be heard by non-Jewish men.

  2. any reason then, why in past i found pp to be careful not to sing in frong of goyishe men as well ( i.e bus drivers who are clearly not jewish)?

    1. Not really. Girls do not have to exercise care in not singing in front of non-Jewish bus drivers.

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