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Filing for Divorce

If my wife wants a divorce is the bais din mechuyiv to try & stop it from taking place? I have allways heard that a get is nechrav the mizbayach so how if a woman (or man for that matter) wants out can they just say – OK –


Everything depends on the circumstances. There are circumstances in which a woman can legitimately “file for divorce,” and the husband is obligated to give her a get. Under ordinary circumstances, when things aren’t working out as they should, the first step taken by Beis Din is to advise the couple to seek guidance/therapy, often suggesting a person or organization that might be able to help. Getting divorced is considered a last resort, and the mizbeiach shedding tears over the divorce (of a person’s first wife; Gittin 90b) is one factor in this.

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  1. We have allready gone to therapy together that the bais din paskind (she feels that I mentaly abuse her) the therapist does not think I am as bad as she makes me out to be, She knows how to push my buttons – but she & her bo’rer do – Once the therapist suggested to her that she take some resposibility she said – this theripist is not working! Bais din did not even follow up to find out what was behind her resoning for not returning to the therapist

    1. Sounds like a tough case. Bais Din will only press for Shalom Bais when they see a hope for it. I wish you much siyata di-Shmaya, and hope everything somehow works itself out.

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