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Eating Before Kiddush (for girls)

are girls allowed to eat before kiddush on shabbas if they did not daven yet?


There is no difference in principle between boys and girls with regard to eating before kiddush. Like boys, however, the obligation to make kiddush, and the corresponding prohibition to eat before kiddush, is only incumbent after davening. For girls, the obligation (and the prohibition to eat before kiddush) will come into place after she davens the way that she usually davens: for a girl who davens shmoneh esrei, the prohibition to eat before kiddush will only apply after shemoneh esrei is davened; for a girl who davens less, the prohibition begins after she davens the way she is used to davening.

It should be noted that this answer has not dealt with the separate prohibition of eating before davening, which also applies to women, but regarding which there is room for leniency if it will be difficult to make kiddush after davening.

Sources: Mishnah Berurah 289:6; Shemiras Shabbos Kehilchasah vol II, p. 151:152.

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  1. If one washes Neigel Vasser in a sink that has dishes, glasses or silverware in it what is the status of those Keilim? What about washing for a motzie? Does anything have to be done with those keilim before using them again?

    1. Washing for hamotzie has no effect on the utensile. For neigel vasser utensils should be taken out of the sink before washing. If there were not taken out of the sink, some recommend washing the utensils three times. However, even if this was not done, they are entirely permissible for use, provided the water from neigel vasser has been dried or washed off.

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