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Haircut From a Woman

i sit permitted for a man to get a haircut from a women?


Is is not permitted for a man to receive  a haircut from a woman. Because the need for a haircut is not considered a state of “illness”, and because the close contact with a woman is liable to cause the man hirhurim, a long list of authorities has written that it is prohibited. It is permitted to receive a haircut from one’s wife (when she is ‘permitted’), and from one’s mother or daughters.

Sources: Yalkut Yosef (EvenHa’Ezer 21:5); Rivevos Efraim (5:507); Hilel Omer (Even He’Ezer 38, p. 400); Yitzchak Yeranen (vol. II, Even Ha’Ezer 1); Olam Yitzchak (2:237); Netzach Yosef (1:66); Mitzvos Ha-Nashim (35:12, and sources no. 14).

See also Shulchan Arcuh, Even Ha’Ezer 21:5, which states that one may not “make use of a woman.” Although Rema is permissive concerning acts that are not intimate, he mentions that “checking hair” is considered “intimate,” and the same would be true of a haircut.

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