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Fries in Meaty Oven

I baked uncovered french fries in an oven i only use for fleishigs. it is not a ben yomo. can it be eaten with or at the same time as pizza? toda rabs


The fries may be eaten with pizza. One should not bake fries (or anything else) in a fleishig oven if one intends to eat them with milky foods, however, after the food has already been baked, and the oven was not a ben yomo, it is permitted to eat the fries with pizza or milky foods.

Sources: Shulchan Aruch (and Rema), Yoreh De’ah 95.

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  1. Kvod Harav,
    What about chashshos of be’eyn? zaya? or raycha? If the fries are uncovered mpashtus one should be choshesh lchatchila. The hetter you quoted of Nat bar Nat is not nogeya when theres be’eyn . See Taz and Pmg at the end of Y”D 95 where Taz proves (based on Tosafos and the Ran) that stam ovens have mammoshos unless you are certain otherwise.
    I didn’t say that there are no snifim to use to be maykel bdieved, but lchatchila to eat at the same time as pizza seems very extreme.
    kol tuv,
    Y. Spitz
    Rosh Chabura
    Ohr Lagolah Halacha Kollel

    1. In general, solid dishes do not produce steam, and would therefore not be affected by the presence of be’eyn on walls of the oven (see Iggros Moshe YD 1:40, based on Pischei Teshuvah 92:6). This would classically apply to baked fries. However, if the fries were moist and produced (tangible) steam, then there is certainly room for concern, as you note, for be’eyn (but not for zeya after 24 hrs), and the ruling applies only to an oven that has been cleaned (with a caustic substance).

      Thank you for the response, and sorry it took some time to note the comment.

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