i have been makpid on the shitas Hagr”a for years by Hamotzi to cut both challas, but now i see that it is getting too much monetarily to handle, as well as being that my wife and i dont eat all the challa so it most of it goes to waste. am i i mechuyav to do hataras nedarim? or since rov poskim hold its a chumra be’alma i dont have to?


Although it is certainly a chumra, you have to do hataras nedarim, as with every hanhaga tovah that a person practices and now wishes to give up.

[If you wish to continue to maintain the chumra, you could do so in a cost effective way by using matzos.]

Sources: Shulchan Aruch, YD 214; Mishnah Berurah 597:6.

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2 Responses to “Hataras Nedarim for Cutting Both Challos”

  1. I cant use matzohs bc im makpid not to make an hamotzi on them unless its pesach time

    • Fair enough. But you could use a small roll, or a pitta, though some find them inappropriate for Shabbos. . .

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