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Beracha “on the go”

If I made a shehakol on my water bottle at home, and then leave my house for different stores, do I need to make a new beracha every time I change locations? Thank you.


In principle, a shehakol made at home does not exempt you from making a new blessing out of the home. Even if you do not make a borei nefashos before leaving the house (if not enough water was drunk), a new beracha must be made after leaving the house. However, if the original beracha is made while already getting ready to go, such that the beracha is made “on the go” (on the way out), and you intend to continue drinking at the stores, then the first beracha applies to later drinking (and another beracha should not be made). A beracha made in the store (with intention to continue drinking) is certainly considered “on the go,” and you should not make a new beracha for each store.

[Thus, if you made a beracha at home before deciding to go out, the beracha will not apply to drinking outside the home, and a new beracha will be required. Only if the original beracha is made “on the go,” after deciding to go out and beginning to do so, will the beracha apply to continued drinking outside.]

Sources: Shulchan Aruch, Orach Chaim 178:4; Mishna Berura 178:42; Vezos Haberacha p. 62.

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  1. in the cases above would a new bracha be required once he arrives at his workplace?

    1. No, but only if the nature of drinking is “on the go,” meaning continually drinking (from time to time) on the way. Aside from this case, one cannot make a berachah at home with the intention of drinking again at work.

  2. It should be noted that it is FORBIDDEN to recite a bracha on water unless one is drinking because of thirst, but if one is drinking for some other reason (like to swallow a pill, or to induce urination, or because of nervousness) and he is not thirsty, then one must drink the water WITHOUT a bracha.

    1. True, however in this case the bracha is being made because because he wants the water.

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