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Shaving not to lose job

I work at a Sephardic camp where shaving is done until the week of tisha be’av. Last summer I was almost fired because of my beard. Can I shave in order not to lose my job?


If it would mean losing your job, it would be permitted to shave until the week of tisha be’av. However, poskim who write this heter refer to Jews working among non-Jews, and it is difficult to believe that you would actually be fired by Jews on account of your adhering to the halachic principles of your community — and after all, you managed last year, and they re-hired you again for this year, so it seems that they didn’t hold it against you!

Sources: See Iggros Moshe IV, Orach Chaim, no. 102; Halichos Shlomo p. 414; Chazon Ovadya, Fasts, p. 163 and 225.

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