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Tisha B’Av

Working on Tisha b’Av

Which type of work is forbidden?

  • In the evening and in the day before halachic noon, one may not do any type of work that requires some time. Jobs that can be done in a short time are permitted.
  • After halachic noon, all forms of work are permitted, but a person must not become engrossed in his activities, since one’s mind should not be diverted from mourning.
  • It is praiseworthy to refrain from time-consuming work during the entire day.

Is business permitted?

  • One may buy or sell food even before noon.
  • Other forms of business are permitted after noon, but only if they can be conducted in a short time. A pious individual should avoid all business activities.
  • Whoever engages in work or business on Tisha b’Av and becomes distracted from the mourning will not see any blessing from such activities.

May work be done for a person by a gentile?

This is permitted even before noon. However, construction work or renovations are forbidden since this is too public.

May business be done through a gentile?

If possible, this should be avoided, unless refraining will cause financial hardship.

Is housework permitted?

Housework is permitted after halachic noon, e.g. preparing food, washing dishes, making beds, etc. It is praiseworthy to postpone housework until after the fast wherever possible.

May one wash the floor in the afternoon?

Although some have a custom to do this in anticipation of the arrival of moshiach, the widespread custom is to refrain.

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