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A Halachic Method Of Bequeathing To A Daughter


Introduction – A daughter does not inherit her father if her father leaves sons

1)      Halachic ways to give the daughter a share of the inheritance, and their drawbacks

2)      Shtar Chatzi Zochor

3)      The permissibility of the Shtar Chatzi Zochor

4)      How much does the daughter actually receive?

5)      The exclusion of land and seforim

6)      “Ro’uy” – If the father died in his father’s lifetime

7)      If the daughter dies in her father’s lifetime and leaves children

8)      If the daughter dies in her father’s lifetime and leaves no children

9)      Fluctuations in the value of the estate

10)  The father’s creditors take precedence

11)  Paying the creditors so that the daughter loses everything

12)  If the father intended to give a Shtar Chatzi Zochor but did not actually do so

13)  If the deceased left only daughters

14)  Selling a Shtar Chatzi Zochor

15)  Redistributing the estate after giving a Shtar Chatzi Zochor

16)  Conclusion

AppendixText of a Shtar Chatzi Zochor (as brought in the “Nachalas Shivoh”)

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