Appendix – A translation of the essence of the text of the Shtar Chatzi Zochor

(as brought in the Nachalas Shivoh, chapter 21)

In front of us the undersigned, on the date … in the city of … Mr. Ploni Almoni came before us and said, “Be witness, undertake a kinyan from me and sign and give my daughter … a testimony that I desire without being coerced and hereby admit that I have in my possession the sum of a half a million dollars as a loan from my aforementioned daughter to me and they are a debt upon me and my inheritors, and I am obliged to repay this debt to my aforementioned daughter or to her descendants according to all the conditions mentioned in this shtar. I made the following condition with her that the time of payment of this loan should not be until one hour before my death … A further condition was agreed, that when my sons divide up my estate they will have the choice either to pay up the debt or to give her or her descendants a share of the estate equivalent to half of that of each of the sons, from the entire estate including, loans, movable goods and jewelry, with the exception of land and seforim. If they give the aforementioned share then they shall be freed from paying the debt, even if her half-share in the estate is less than the aforementioned debt. I have also accepted upon myself with an oath and ban that I will give no other shtar to any person that will in any way lessen the share of the estate due to my daughter … Any doubts concerning the interpretation of the text of this shtar should be decided in favour of my daughter …

We accepted a kinyan from Mr. Ploni Almoni on behalf of his daughter … to finalise all that is written above.

Signed, …..(witness)


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