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Birchas HaTorah Before Eating

Is there an obligation for a woman to recite Birchas Hatorah before eating in the morning?

Thank you.


A woman should preferably pray Shemoneh Esrei before eating. If this is difficult, she may recite Birchas Hatorah, and then eat. She should not eat before reciting Birchas Hatorah.

Sources: There are two opinions concerning the obligation of women in prayer. Some maintain that a woman is obligated in Shemoneh Esrei, like men, while others maintain that it is sufficient for a woman to recite a basic prayer, which includes shevach (praise), bakashah (request), and hodaah (thanks). Although Mishnah Berurah (106:4) writes that the former opinion should be followed, many rely on the latter opinion with regard to the prohibition of eating before prayer. A convenient way to fulfill the basic mitzvah of prayer is by reciting Birchas Hatorah, which includes all three components of prayer. This is the reason for which a woman must not eat before reciting — at the very least — Birchas Hatorah.

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