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Check that was passed on and then bounced


About one year ago, I had paid for something I bought with a check. it took some time and then I found out that the check bounced. I returned to the person whom I paid to in order to give him the money I owe, but he said, he had passed the check on and has no idea where it went… I`ve tried since to have him track it back but he never found any information for me.

Am I “chayav”? And to whom?


You owe the money to the last person who received the check, who did not receive the money that the check guarantees him.

You should make whatever effort necessary to locate him. If you cannot track him down, you have no choice but to wait unti lhe comes to claim it. If he can easily track you down, (e.g. your name and contact details are printed on the check that was returned to him) you can probably wait until he comes to you.

If, however, the reason the check was not honoured is because it was deposited after it had already expired, you still owe the money to him but presumably you need not attempt to find him but may wait until he comes to claim from you.

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